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About Liv & Focus

We all know how life in NYC can be. Typically its hectic and so fast paced, that beautiful moments can pass by completely unnoticed. 

For this reason, I focus on candid photography, an organic style that captures the essence or emotion of the moment.  There's something about candid shots, the intimacy of the unplanned and un-posed, but perfectly timed moment that has the power to move hearts. In a world that is complicated and constantly moving, these images manage to help us press pause and capture what would otherwise be overlooked. These images say, "What exists outside of this moment does not matter. I am right here, I am right now." The images I strive for are emotional and honest, and that's what makes them beautiful. 

So if you'll give me the opportunity, I would love to work with you, whether it's capturing a romantic proposal or a photo of Uncle Eddy bustin' a move during a family barbecue. And in years to come, when you look back through your photos, these images will not only remind you of how you looked, but more importantly, how you felt. 

So with all that being said, put down your phone, go enjoy your event. Live in the moment and let me FOCUS on the memories. 


NYC Based Photographer
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